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Recycled Plastic OceanSaver Bottle for Life

Recycled Plastic OceanSaver Bottle for Life

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Retail Price: £2.99
Tax: 20%
Margin: 33%
  • 100% Recycled bottle for life
  • Made from plastic that is sourced from our coastlines, where it's most at risk of entering the ocean.
  • 750ml

OceanSaver's cleaning bottle for life means you can refill time and again with any of the cleaning refills we stock check them out here. No more need to recycle or throw away single-use bottles - this will change the way you clean forever.

About OceanSaver 

Believing that small changes have a big impact, OceanSaver are here to help you remove single-use plastic from your cleaning routine, saving our oceans for future generations. Homecare generates 29 billion plastic containers each year. OceanSaver have taken a stand. Their plant-based, non-toxic, EcoDrops transform in water, creating a safe, yet powerful, product to leave your home spotless.

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