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Le Parfait Reusable Mason Glass Jar

Le Parfait Reusable Mason Glass Jar

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Le Parfait Reusable Mason Glass Jar  

Whether you're making your own jam, or storing coffee beans, these plastic-free Le Parfait jars are perfect for all kinds of food preservation. Sustainable, and stylish, made from tempered glass and complete with a rubber seal to keep the jar air tight. 

Cruelty FreeVeganPlastic Free
  • Reusable Glass Mason Jars perfect for jam, pickles & fruits
  • Available in a range of sizes - 1.5L, 1L & 0.75L
  • Features a wire hinge and the iconic Le Parfait orange rubber seal!
  • Made in France
  • Non-leeching glass 

Product Description 

Le Parfait Jars 

These reusable Le Parfait Mason Jars are available in three different sizes: 0.75L, 1L & 1.5L,  all of which have been made in France. These jars have a slightly conic shape, enabling their contents to be easily turned out. Featuring the famous Le Parfait orange rubber seal that keeps the contents air tight for long-term food preservation. 

Product Care:

Before use: Make sure your jar has no residue on it. Clean the jar with hot, soapy water.  Do not use an abrasive sponge to clean your jars, after cleaning rinse the jar thoroughly with warm water and then leave them to dry in open air. 

Top Tip: Only use the rubber seal once, and change after each use. 

Why we love Le Parfait Jars!

We love how versatile these jars are. Preserving food, storing dried goods, using as a vase for fresh get it, there's so much you can do with your Le Parfait jar! Made from a high quality tempered glass, complete with a sturdy rubber seal these jars are perfect for all styles of preserving. The orange rubber seal is replaceable and should be changed after each use. 

About Le Parfait 

Founded in the 1930's, Le Parfait has been the leading glass-making company in Europe. Le Parfait are passionate about reducing waste, saving money, and encouraging the fun and enjoyment of homemade cooking. 

Why use reusable glass jars?

Looking to start a zero-waste journey? Glass jars are a sustainability seeker's goldmine, since glass is 100% recyclable without loosing any of it's quality - Plus, they're perfect for storing just about anything. Le Parfait jars are a good go-to for nearly every zero-waste food storage. They can be used in the refrigerator or in the pantry to house non-perishable foods. Whether you're making your own jam, or refilling your glass jar with seeds - they'll save you money on packaging, and also look so much better around the home. 

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