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Clear Glass Spray Bottle (500ml)

Clear Glass Spray Bottle (500ml)

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Trigger colour
Retail price: £3.99
Tax rate: 20%
Retail margin 25%

This reusable bottle can be refilled time and time again with cleaning product, making it a great alternative for single use plastic.

  • Clear Glass Bottle
  • 500ml Capacity
  • With a choice of spray heads
  • 175mm Height, 76mm Diameter
  • Lockable Trigger Screw Top

Product Description


This spray bottle is 175mm tall and 76mm in diameter, meaning it can hold 500ml of cleaning fluid.

Why We Love Reusable Clear Glass Spray Bottle 500ml

These spray bottles are so useful for our water-soluble cleaning liquids, plus they look so nice in the bathroom or kitchen! They could also be used for other household liquids and hair products.

Why Swap to Reusable Clear Glass Spray Bottle 500ml

These bottles are a great way to avoid buying chemical cleaning liquids which are more often than not in single-use plastic containers.

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