Want to make your property green?

As one of the UK’s leading eco brands, EcoVibe are perfectly placed to help you cut your single use plastic consumption, whilst elevating your customers experience with your brand. We can help with product sourcing, customisation or larger volume requirements of innovative eco products. 

Quirky Kits

  • Apart hotel stay kits 
  • Dental products kit
  • Pamper kit
  • Personal care product kits
    • One-night Stand Kit
    • Personal Care Essentials


Planet Friendly Personal Care

  • Single use eco-friendly options
  • Have it in your branding 
  • High quality peer reviewed products


Next Gen Cleaning

  • Easy to use eco cleaning solutions
  • Save on storage space


Case Study: The Other House 

Managed Apartments & Club House

Based in South Kensington and Covent Garden, The Other House is a residents club house aimed at young professionals that are staying in the city. It’s central location makes it an ideal stay, whether it be for one night, or one year!

The Other House are conscious of ensuring they are making a positive impact with their residents and sustainability is at the heart of what they do! With low-carbon architecture, British artisanship and recycled packaging, they are a perfect partnership for EcoVibe.

The apartments at The Other House all have small kitchen units, and therefore cleaning supplies are used and replaced daily. Keen to make sure the products they provide were not harmful to the environment, The Other House reached out to us at EcoVibe to start their transition to eco-friendly cleaning supplies. To get them started, we kitted them out with our plant fibre, compostable scourers, and our reusable, compostable cleaning cloths. 


The Other House Apartments also have dishwashers, therefore Dishwasher tablets would be a great fit. However, we didn’t currently have a bulk offer of dishwasher tablets, but knowing the convenience this would bring to The Other House, we worked with our incredible suppliers to create the product. So, if we don’t currently stock something you need, rest assured we'll source it for you.

The Other House has a dedicated Account Manager with EcoVibe and therefore when placing their quarterly order, can do so with ease and the service they need.