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EcoVibe | Our Story

In 2018, motivated by the growing plastic crisis we set out to make plastic history.

The very beginning

In mid-2018 we (Anya, Amy, Becky, and Gabriela - a group of friends working together in Leeds) were talking about how we all felt similarly frustrated by the growing plastic crisis.

We had all been feeling a growing plastic anxiety, and then high-profile documentary Blue Planet came out. The more we thought about it, the more plastic we could see everywhere. It was smothering, and we felt motivated for change. We realised that we wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem and needed to start now.

We began looking for ways to reduce our plastic use and cut everyday single-use household plastics out of our lives, but found we struggled to find the right products. Either the plastic-free alternatives we looked for did not exist, or they weren’t truly plastic-free, biodegradable or compostable. With all the lack of choice and misinformation around, we realised that if we found it hard work, other people probably did too.

Luckily in June 2018 we had the opportunity to combine our passion with our creative, marketing and business skills. EcoVibe was born.

We set out to create EcoVibe as a clear, honest place people could easily find truly eco-friendly alternatives. We wanted to provide products that people loved, in a way that was easy to shop and orders that were a delight to receive!

Small changes have a big impact

In September 2018 we launched our website with a small range of items including compostable dog waste bags and bamboo toothbrushes. The launch was a success and enabled us to keep driving EcoVibe forwards. After only two months, but a big increase in orders, we moved our fulfilment out of house, into a dedicated fulfilment centre.

Since our then, our continued passion and drive to acquire the best products means our range has grown. We currently offer around one thousand items, across a wide range of categories including cleaning, skincare, food and gardening. While our focus is still on cutting out plastic, we also consider the ethics, carbon-footprint and sustainability of every single product we add.

In February 2019 we started to develop our own products - initially our own best-in-class Compostable Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags. Since then we have brought onboard our own range of EcoVibe products, designed and developed with help from customer feedback and requests, to fit perfectly into your life. Our relationship with customers has allowed us design and launch successful first-to-market products, like our Compostable Sponges.

Our small but mighty team has also grown along the way too! We are proud to have a full-time team of eight, and some lovely freelancers who have helped us get to where we are today.

Where we are today

We know that going plastic-free is not easy and we are not perfect! We believe it is about the small switches we can make to reduce our impact on the planet.

We are proud to be helping not only customers, but independent stores to access earth-friendly, effective, and reliable products. In February 2020 we launched our B2B site to make it quicker and easier for traders to access our products, and we’re looking at improving this service even further this year.

It is amazing for us to be able to see how far EcoVibe has come, but we still retain the same principles and values we had at day one:

  • Our products must be truly eco-friendly, ethically produced and sustainable.
  • Our products must help people remove unnecessary pollution from their lives.
  • Our information must be clear and trustworthy.
  • Our packaging is always completely plastic-free.
  • We only sell products we would buy ourselves.

We have been able to achieve some amazing things so far:

  • We have saved over 40 tonnes of plastic entering our eco-system.
  • We have been featured in nationwide publications such as The Independent, The Metro, Men’s Health, Country Living and Hello Magazine.
  • We have planted thousands of trees to offset carbon emissions
  • And we have helped thousands of customers to reduce their plastic.

We know there is still some way to go and we could not do this without you. Thank you for your support in helping us continue our mission to cut unnecessary pollution.